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OGM : de quoi s’agit-il? Peuvent-ils être consommés en toute sécurité? Qu’est-ce que l’agriculture biologique? Comment les animaux comme les poulets ou les bovins sont-ils élevés?

snapAG offre aux élèves et aux étudiants des ressources sur des sujets d’actualité liés à l’industrie agricole, comme les produits biologiques, les biotechnologies, les OGM, l’élevage, et plus encore. 

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Advanced Plant Breeding

Advanced Plant Breeding

Summary:  Crop breeding is a rapidly advancing science, that uses genetic and biological innovations to efficiently develop better crop varieties.

Plant breeding is both an art and a science

Plant breeding is the art and science of improving the genetic performance of plants to make people's lives better.  

By understanding genes, traits and heredity, scientists are able to develop improved crop varieties.

Plant Breeders also use their observation skills, experience, intuition and judgement to identify plant differences.  For example, William Saunders developed a new wheat variety on the Prairies-Marquis wheat, and part of his research involved chewing kernels from each wheat he was testing to make a dough ball.  A springier ball meant good levels of gluten - essential to making a soft, high-rising bread loaf.

Hybrids, Mutagenesis, Genetic Engineering -what does it all mean?

Plant breeders around the world are working hard to improve agricultural crops for the benefit of mankind.

Hybrid crops are created when two related plants are bred together, and the result is often bigger more vigorous crops with higher yields.  Although the hybrid effect lasts only one generation, the benefits are so great that many farmers are willing to buy new seed each year.

It can take many years to develop crops using traditional plant breeding.  Over the years, new plant breeding techniques, such as mutagenesis and genetic engineering, have been developed that reduce the time needed to develop new, improved vareities.

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