Sélection des plantes et sécurité alimentaire

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Les phytogénéticiens doivent constamment développer et améliorer de nouvelles variétés, car les conditions changent sans cesse. Les insectes nuisibles, les maladies et les changements climatiques menacent les cultures. 


Agriculture and food security: fifth anniversary (editorial, Agriculture and Food Security, 2017)

An overview of agriculture, nutrition and fortification, supplementation and biofortification: Golden Rice as an example for enhancing micronutrient intake (Agriculture and Food Security, 2017)

Golden Rice: instructions for use (Agriculture and Food Security, 2017)

The State of Food Insecurity in the World (FAO, 2015)

What is Food Security? (World Food Programme)

The Beginning of the Green Revolution (University of Minnesota)

Agriculture in 2050: Recalibrating Targets for Sustainable Intensification (BioScience – Oxford Academic)

World Population Clock (US Census Bureau)

World hunger again on the rise, driven by conflict and climate change, new UN report says (World Health Organization)

Green Revolution (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Haber-Bosch process (synthetic fertilizer) (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

History of Pesticide Use (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

Triticale (Encyclopaedia Brittanica)

Sub1A is an ethylene-response-factor-like gene that confers submergence tolerance to rice (Nature)

Submergence Tolerant Rice: SUB1’s Journey from Landrace to Modern Cultivar (Rice)

Increasing food security (International Rice Research Institute) and Nature (journal paper).

Staple foods: What do people eat? (FAO)

Facts & Figures on Food and Biodiversity (IDRC)


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