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What are GMOs and are they okay to eat? What does organic farming look like? How are animals like chicken or cattles raised? The snapAG project offers a series of reader-friendly information sheets that invite you to explore some hot topics linked to today's agriculture and food sector. Browse the categories below to learn more!

Gestion de l’eau

Gestion de l’eau

Pour avoir une agriculture durable, c’est-à-dire pouvoir répondre à l’évolution des besoins tout en protégeant les ressources naturelles, il est vital de protéger l’eau.

Water is continuously in motion 

Agriculture works with all parts of the water cycle. Farmers rely on precipitation to grow their crops and pastures. They use groundwater and surface water for livestock watering, household use and crop spraying. They also move surface water around through irrigation and drainage.

Too much water?

Sometimes, if it rains too much, farmers decide to drain water off their fields. Proper drainage is essential to prevent nutrient run-off, controlling flooding and minimizing soil erosion. 

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