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OGM : de quoi s’agit-il? Peuvent-ils être consommés en toute sécurité? Qu’est-ce que l’agriculture biologique? Comment les animaux comme les poulets ou les bovins sont-ils élevés?

snapAG offre aux élèves et aux étudiants des ressources sur des sujets d’actualité liés à l’industrie agricole, comme les produits biologiques, les biotechnologies, les OGM, l’élevage, et plus encore. 

Explorez les tendances de l’agriculture au Canada en parcourant les rubriques ci-dessous.

Organic Pest Management

Organic Pest Management

Organic farmers identify the conditions that allow weeds and pest to thrive and try to create more favourable conditions.  The key to managing pests and weeds on organic farms is to reduce their impact by using different management practices.

Organic farming practices to reduce pests

Organic farmers first rely on prevention methods to manage pests and only use organic pesticides when preventative measures haven’t worked. Some organic practices include rotating crops, planting cover crops, intercropping, strategic planning and maintaining high levels of biodiversity. Many of these practices are also used by non-organic farmers.

Natural allies

Plants, insects and other organisms help organic farmers control pests. For example, a cover crop of ryegrass can smother weeds and tachinid flies can parasitize cabbageworms. Beneficial organisms are creatures that perform a beneficial role in pollinating plants or attaching insects. To recruit the support of beneficial organisms, farmers can provide suitable habitat by sowing plants preferred by beneficial organisms, welcoming wildflowers, or increasing biodiversity in general.

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