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Antibiotics – What and Why?

Antibiotics – What and Why?

Wondering why farmers use antibiotics? 

Why do farmers and ranchers use antibiotics?

Farmers and ranchers work closely with veterinarians to determine appropriate and safe plans for giving antibiotics to animals based on particular situations.  They are used for disease treatment, disease prevention, nutritional efficiency and disease control. A farmer’s number one priority is to take care of his/her and this involves many things such as adequate housing, nutritional food, biosecurity measures AND preventing disease and treating illness.

Are they safe?

As long as antibiotics are used according to manufacturer’s guidelines, they are safe. All antibiotics must meet Health Canada’s strict standards for human health and animal safe.  Before being approved for use, antibiotics are thoroughly tested to make sure they are both safe and effective. All Canadian chicken, meat, fish and dairy products are regularly tested for antibiotics and are safe to eat.

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