Journey 2050

How will we feed nearly 10 billion people?

Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability while learning from farmers across the globe!



Journey 2050 is a FREE agriculture education program that teaches students about different countries, careers and innovations that make agriculture one of the leading industries in the world.

Unlike any farming game you’ve ever played, Journey 2050 is based on real-life challenges and opportunities. Using an inquiry-based approach, this gamified, virtual program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on the pillars of sustainability - social, environment, and economic - on a local and global scale.

Students can also independently download an app version of the game, Farmers 2050, to play from anywhere in the world.


Journey 2050 was developed by teachers, industry experts and professional game developers.

It takes 7 hours to complete the program and links to curriculum between Grade 7-12.

In addition to the virtual farming app, interactive activities and hands-on lesson plans, AITC-C also offers direct connections through virtual visits, and field trips (at limited locations).

Journey 2050 Experiences

Journey 2050

Online Program

Students from across Canada can take part in this experience through the Journey 2050 website and/or app store game. Everything is provided: from lesson plans to animated videos to interactive games!

This program is available for educators and parents across Canada.

Journey 2050

Guest Speaker Program

Have an agriculture expert speak directly to your classroom! Guest Speakers deliver 2 hours of programming, and pass it off to teachers to lead their class through the rest of the Online Program.

This program is only available in select provinces.

Journey 2050

Field Trip Program

This one-day field trip to the Nutrien Western Event Centre located at Calgary Stampede Park can accommodate up to two classrooms or 70 students per day.

This program is currently available in the surrounding area of Calgary, Alberta. 

My students are having a great time with the Journey 2050 program. They are engaged and having fun. It is great to overhear the side conversations they have about the choices they are making. They celebrate their successes and lament their failures without recognizing that they are learning!

Melanie Jones Grade 10 Teacher Winnipeg, MB

Discover how Journey 2050 fits into your curriculum!

Geared to Grades 7 to 9 students, see how components of the Journey 2050 program can fit a wide range of subjects and curriculums. 


Students can take the experience home with Farmers 2050

Discover what it really takes to help feed the world with Farmers 2050.

Students can create and manage a sustainable farm of their very own. They will tend to crops, raise animals, and craft goods to trade, sell and donate in their local community, all the while managing the pillars of sustainability.

Thank you, Nutrien!

We are proud to partner with Nutrien to bring Journey 2050 and Farmers 2050 to educators and students.