Agriculture in every classroom,
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Who we are

Leaders in agriculture education.

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is the national voice for agriculture education in Canada. Alongside our AITC member organizations, we are driven by a passion for the agriculture and food sector and lifelong learning. Together, we are committed to engaging Canadian students and educators to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of agriculture and food. Transparency, integrity, empowerment, inclusiveness and collaboration firmly ground us in everything we do.

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What we do

We cultivate meaningful connections to agriculture and food for students and educators.

As a charitable organization, we operate from coast to coast with our ten provincial AITC members to deliver accurate, balanced, and current curriculum-linked agri-food resources, programs, and initiatives that are based on science. Through inquiry-based learning, we encourage students and educators to be curious, critical thinkers. By offering dynamic and unique outreach opportunities to connect with Canadians who make their living in agri-food, we bring students up close and personal with Canada's agriculture and food story.

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More National Highlights

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AITC-C celebrates over 2 million student experiences in agriculture education

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), along with its 10 provincial members has connected two million students to agriculture education experiences, as reported in AITC-C’s 2020-2021 Annual Progress Report. 

Resource Matrix

Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix now bilingual

AITC-C has added 17,055 curriculum outcomes added for for the province of Quebec! AITC-C’s Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix now has 25,431 French and 35,691 English curriculum outcomes for agriculture education learning - available for free for educators and parents.

thinkAG.ca is LIVE!

thinkAG.ca is LIVE!

The NEW thinkAG website is a one-stop shop for learning resources & experiences to ignite interest in agriculture and food career journeys for students in Grades 5-12. Offering insight as to jobs tailored to their interests and personalities, this site will help them find their purpose-driven career.

Provincial Highlights

New AITCNB Coordinator

New Brunswick

AITC New Brunswick would like to welcome their new Coordinator, Emilie McBride. Emilie comes from an extensive background in agriculture and the non-profit sector. She understands how critical Ag Education is to building a more sustainable future, and looks forward to bringing awareness to students about what agriculture means for New Brunswickers. 

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Thrive for Agscape


'Thrive for Agscape' is a resource enabling people at any time from any location to host independent fundraising events and/or initiatives to support agriculture and food education in our classrooms and at home. This Peer-To-Peer fundraising platform is being launched in celebration of AgScape's 30th Anniversary. 

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Recipes & Stories from Manitoba Farms


Discover many amazing recipes, and stories behind the ingredients with “Farm to Plate: Recipes & Stories from Manitoba Farms.” Links to videos regarding the agriculture behind the ingredients are found on the recipe cards, making this ideal for at home learning. 

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The Great Basil-A-Thon

British Colombia

The Great Basil-A-Thon is on! As an initiative to fundraise $25,000, participants will take pledges and plant their seeds on August 9th and spend the following 3 weeks watching them grow into a full and lush basil plant. Pledges will be accepted until August 31st. 

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Join in the #AITCfun Challenge


Join in the #AITCfun Challenge this summer! Get your kids to complete the challenge posted on AITC-SK's Facebook and Twitter each week. Starting July 19th, children can participate in the Road Trip Bingo! All entries must be posted by August 29th. 

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Listen to Agriculture for Life's podcast


Agriculture for Life's podcast takes listeners beyond the grocery store aisle to discover the story of agriculture and food. A great way to learn about prominent topics in agriculture — just plug in those headphones. 

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Wanting to learn more about agriculture?

What are GMOs and are they okay to eat? What does organic farming look like? How are animals like chickens or cattle raised? The snapAG project offers a series of reader-friendly information sheets that invite you to explore some hot topics linked to today's agriculture and food sector.

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Our Foundational Partners


Partner with us

If you want to inspire the next generation to care about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it got on their plates, we would be proud to partner with you.