Mission Explorium

When a school field trip goes awry, a class finds themselves on a deserted island

With the help of a pair of knowledgeable birds and a zany anthropologist, they must work together to overcome challenges and build a sustainable society. 

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Beginning February 19th, 2024

Grade 6-8 classes from across the country will compete in the very first Mission Explorium. Through four weeks of cross-curricular activities, students will be challenged to build a sustainable community after landing on a deserted island. From there, Provincial Champions will be tasked with one further challenge and go head-to-head with their counterparts in the quest to crown a National Champion.


Weekly Quizzes

Each week, classes will be presented with a short video that will provide background knowledge to your students and set them up for the week’s activities. These challenges will take one and two hours to complete and will be accompanied by an online checkpoint quiz, a submission folder, and a student workbook that you can use to track progress and understanding. 


Check Your Standings!

The Mission Explorium Website will be your hub for checking out videos, taking quizzes, submitting work, and most importantly, scanning the leaderboards for where your class sits!


No Class Left Behind!

With various spring breaks across the country, Mission Explorium has built in an extra week, so classes won’t fall behind. Life and school get busy, so while you can’t work ahead, you can always catch up. And, as with all Agriculture in the Classroom programs, Mission Explorium is completely FREE. 

Space is limited so apply now for the first ever Mission Explorium National Competition!

Competition Dates (2024)

February 19

Provincial Competition Begins

March 22

Provincial Competition Ends

March 29

Provincial Winners Announced

April 1

National Competition Begins

April 12

National Competition Ends

April 22

National Winners Announced

One Mission, Four Quests

Ecosystem Quest - Curriculum Connections - Mission Explorium

Ecosystem Quest

Students will be tasked with Exploring, Identifying, and Understanding the island ecosystem that they find themselves in. They will explore how energy flows, as well as adaptations in both plants and animals.

Agriculture Quest

Agriculture Quest

After exploring the island, it is time for the students to understand human’s impact on our environment. They will look at inputs, structure, and sustainability as it pertains to agriculture.

Food Quest

Food Quest

From our inputs and relationship with the land, students will now learn to identify sources of information, both positive and negative, concerning food. They will recognize the tools used in healthy decision-making and the food choices we make.

Culture Quest

Culture Quest

Culture is more than just the aspects we can see and hear. Students will understand that the interconnectedness of humans is complex and there is value in the culmination of everyone’s unique traditions and diversity.