History of Plant Breeding

History of Plant Breeding cover photo

Plant domestication started some 10,000 years ago by farmers selecting the best performing plants in a field.


What is Teosinte? (University of Wisconsin)

Teosinte (Native Seeds)

Corn (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Twentieth Century Regional Climate Change During the Summer in the Central United States Attributed to Agricultural Intensification (Geophysical Research Letters)

The United States’ Corn Belt is making its own weather (Science)

Marquis wheat (Canadian Encyclopedia)

The Mystery of Mr. McIntosh's Apple (Canada's History)

Canadian Apple Industry - Varieties by Province (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Summerland - History The 20s and 30s (Spartan apple) (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Nova Scotia genetics researcher revolutionizing apple agriculture (Canadian Geographic)

Apple Diversity Group, Dalhousie University

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