Our Story

AITC-C cultivates meaningful connections to agriculture and food for students and educators.


Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is a Canadian charitable organization with a vision to bring agriculture to every classroom, inspiring every student. 

Food connects us ALL to agriculture. In a complex and changing world, it is more important than ever to inspire the next generation to care about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it gets to their plates.

What we bring to the table 

Girl with goat
  • Ten provincial member organizations who deliver agriculture education on the ground and foster a passion for lifelong learning through collaboration and creativity.
  • Accurate, balanced, and current curriculum-linked resources, programs and initiatives for educators and students at all grade levels, from coast to coast to coast.
  • A network of dedicated partners representing government, industry, and the public - all of whom share our passion for creating meaningful educational experiences.
  • Collaboration with our network of partners, stakeholders, and volunteers that share our goal of delivering agriculture education across Canada.

Our Core Values


We are passionate about agricultural awareness, education, and lifelong learning.


We actively engage in dialogue based on accurate, balanced, current and science-based information.


We are committed to inquiry-based learning that empowers students to think critically about agriculture and food.


We are committed to developing innovative tools that support 21st century learning.


We value inclusion and diversity, providing opportunities for all students to participate and learn.


We value opportunities to collaborate with members, partners and stakeholders to advance agriculture education.

Collectively, we are guided by passion, transparency, empowerment, innovation, inclusion and collaboration to ensure that every Canadian student is inspired to consider the role they play in our country’s agriculture and food story.