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Become a Partner

You can bring agriculture to life in classrooms across Canada!

As a charitable organization, AITC-C is proud to work with numerous partners, including government, industry, and passionate individuals who share our belief in creating educational experiences for students that will engage, connect, and inspire a deeper connection to agriculture in Canada.

If you want to inspire the next generation to care about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it got on their plates, we would be proud to partner with you.

Partnership Opportunities

Our partners are more than financial supporters. They are champions of agriculture education.

A partnership with AITC-C is a powerful way to share your company’s commitment to agriculture education in Canada. Our partners work with us in communities across the country to deliver accurate, balanced, and current information about agriculture and food.

Through partnerships with exceptional organizations and businesses, AITC-C is able to deliver agriculture education opportunities to young people across the country. Opportunities for partnership with AITC-C come in many forms – from providing funds and sponsorship, to in-kind contributions, to program support.

Foundational Partners

AITC-C’s Foundational Partners are champions of agriculture education in Canada.

With a contribution of $10,000, our foundational partners help sustain our work and help us continue our success into the future.

Friends of AITC Canada

Like all good friends, Friends of AITC-C give our work a boost.

These businesses, organizations, and individuals support our work with contributions of up to $10,000.

Educational Partners

Our program partners are leaders in moving AITC-C programming forward.

These partners provide funding for specific resources, programs, and initiatives that are shared with teachers and students across Canada.

Strategic Partners

AITC-C is proud to work with our Strategic Partners, who help to plant the seeds of success.

Our Strategic Partners help our mission in non-monetary ways, offering support, resources, and expertise in-kind. Their partnership helps our accountability with the ag sector, and in turn shows they are accountable to consumers across Canada.

Events Partners

We value collaboration and conversations, and our Special Events Partners help make sure our voice is shared.

AITC-C has many opportunities for special event partnerships, including sponsorship of meetings, marketing, advertising, and conference fees.

What our partners have to say

“Working with Agriculture in the Classroom helps us provide accurate information to students and teachers about how food is grown and about how innovations in agriculture are helping to protect the environment, contribute to our economy and make our communities stronger. At a time when fewer and fewer of us have a direct connection with the farm, AITC helps bridge that gap”

Nadine Sisk, Vice President, communications and member services, CropLife Canada

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