Celebrating 10 years! CALM

Celebrating 10 Years of CALM all March long


About CALM

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) is an engaging experiential opportunity that encourages students from K to 12 in all 10 provinces to learn about and celebrate Canada’s incredible agriculture and food story. By connecting classrooms with farmers and people with a passion for agriculture and food, students and teachers learn firsthand about this sector through the incredible story shared by the volunteer visiting with them!

In 2020, CALM celebrated its 10th anniversary with new interactive resources, events, and programs across Canada, and creating agriculture and food experiences for more than 53,000 students. 
We look forward to kicking off CALM once again in March 2021. 

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View our 10 resources below:


Grades: K-6
Subjects: ELA, Math, Arts, Social Studies, Science and Food Studies
Developed by: BCAITC

Fresh Stories

Grades: 7-10
Subjects: ELA, Science, Social Studies
Developed by: AG for Life

Food Security

Grades: 3-5
Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Developed by: AITC-SK

Let's Eat: Plants

Grades: 5
Subjects: Science
Developed by: AITC-MB

Let's Talk Eggs!

Grades: 7-12
Subjects: Science
Developed by: AgScape

A Guide to
Planet X

Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Career Exploration
Developed by: Ecole-o-Champ

Planet X

Grades: K-6
Subjects: PAA, ELA, Science
Developed by: AITC-NB

Reggie's Technology

Grades: 6
Subjects: Science
Developed by: AITC-NS

Agriculture and
Renewable Energy

Grades: K-6
Subjects: Art, ELA, Health, Science
Developed by: AITC-NL

Blossom's Big Job
Alex Worm

Grades: K-6
Subjects: Career Exploration, ELA, Science, Social Studies
Developed by: AITC-PEI

Alex's First Seed

The CALM program is an amazing coordination across the country that links schools with farmers. Just by showing up and smiling, a bridge has begun to be built.

Volunteer AITC-SK

Thanks to our Presenting Partners

Teacher, AB

I loved that my students got to learn about all the different forms of agriculture and how diverse it is.

Teacher, AB,