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What is your future? Do you dream of owning your own business? Maybe you are the creative type, eager to make your mark with graphic design? Or perhaps you get excited by the idea of a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)? Would you be surprised to learn that all of those  (and more!) are career options within the agri-food sector?  Careers in agriculture and food are incredibly diverse… and they aren’t all on the farm.

The agriculture and food sector is at the leading edge of research and innovation to address global challenges. There are endless opportunities which will allow you to make a difference: feed the growing population, protect the environment, care for animals, or help people.

So go ahead…take a look through these profiles of real Canadians working in agriculture and food. You may just get a glimpse of what your future can hold.




Are you overwhelmed with the egg choices in the supermarket? Learn what the differences really mean.

What the nutritional difference?

Free-run, free-range and organic eggs all have the same nutrient content as the classic egg. They are labelled differently based on the way the hens are raised and the housing they live in.

Nutritionally enhanced eggs are eggs that enhanced with omega-3 or vitamins. The hens that lay these eggs are fed diets that contain omega-3 fatty acids or higher levels of nutrients, such as vitamin A,B or E. 

Eggs and cholesterol

Eggs contain cholesterol, which was once thought to contribute to high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease.  However, new research proves that there is no connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol.

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