G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship


Find out how the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship can help you on your path to becoming a leader and innovator in agri-food. 

G3 Grow Beyond

The future of the agriculture industry relies on innovation and  technology in order to keep up with global demand. The future of agriculture relies on you. This calls for new ideas, and the possibilities are endless. G3 and AITC-C are dedicated to this innovated future and the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship is our way of helping students like you recognize and reach your full potential in leading that change, wherever your career may take you.

What you need to do

Your vision for the future of agriculture matters. Whichever career you choose, we want you to tell us how you’ll help forge the next generation of the agriculture industry — your idea for a thriving, globally competitive Canada. In a short video, you’ll explain how you want to make a difference and what you plan to contribute in order to lead Canadian agriculture into an innovative and technologically advanced future.

Head over to g3growbeyond.org to find out more

This scholarship is proudly presented by G3 in partnership with AITC-C. 

G3 was created with the vision of building a smarter path from farmers’ fields to global markets. Today, G3 is transforming the way grain moves with an expanding network of facilities that set new standards for fast, safe and reliable operations. We focus on efficiency to create opportunity for our customers across Canada and around the world. G3 Terminal Vancouver, a state-of-the art export facility due to open in 2020, will add more speed and efficiency to our grain supply chain. G3 is a Canadian company, and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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