Proud Partner since 2015 

Nutrien is committed to feeding the future, by transforming agriculture in ways that lead the next wave of agricultural evolution. They proudly believe today’s youth are tomorrow’s decision-makers and agriculture advocates, playing a crucial role in creating a healthy future for the agricultural industry, and the planet. Nutrien takes a leadership role in creating activities that are sustainable in the long term, results in positive change and can grow as necessary. 

Together with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), Nutrien invests in educational programs for children and youth that teach the vital importance of agriculture, food security, and environmental stewardship for the future of society. Nutrien’s agricultural education portal, Growing the Next Generation, aims to provide students of all ages with a better understanding of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship, through initiatives such as Journey 2050, Seed Survivor and Little Green Thumbs/Little Green Sprouts – just to name a few. 

Nutrien is a true champion of agriculture education across Canada. Nutrien is incredibly proud of its longstanding partnership with AITC-C, which is elevating the collective vision of bringing agriculture to every classroom, inspiring every student.