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AITC-C is a charitable organization, operating across the country to deliver accurate, balanced, and current resources showcasing the agriculture and food industry. Our ten provincial member organizations are committed to a cross-Canadian effort to reach educators and students in every classroom in the country. This effort aims to provide programs and resources that bridge the knowledge gap about Canadian agriculture, create curiosity about agri-food careers, and help produce the next generation of informed consumers.
We are the national voice for agriculture education in Canada.
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AITC-C releases 12 new snapAG information sheets

AITC-C releases 12 new snapAG information sheets

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is excited to add 12 new snapAG information sheets to its Learn About Agriculture webpage and Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix. These new, infographic resources cover ‘hot topics’ in the agriculture and food sector, including regenerative agriculture, robotics, food security, urban agriculture, and more!

The addition of these 12 snapAG sheets brings the total number of sheets to 73 information sheets, providing accurate, balanced, and current science-​based answers to various questions about agriculture and food - ready for teachers, students, and learning from home.

The new 12 snapAG sheets will be housed on our newly redesigned snapAG portal, available here. AITC-C also plans to release three sheets focusing on Indigenous Agriculture in the next few months.

Explore our snapAG sheets.