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Postponement of engAGe Toronto

In light of COVID-19, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) and AgScape have decided to postpone our engAGe event in Toronto, which was set to take place on April 7, 2020.

We believe that taking proactive measures to reduce non-essential travel and to allow for social distancing is in the best interest for all involved, from our students to our volunteers. 

As more information becomes available, AITC-C and AgScape look forward to updating you with further details on a new date for engAGe in Toronto.

We thank you for your support and understanding.


Coming Together to Grow the Future of Agriculture!

This high energy and motivating event will engage high school students and educators in a world of agriculture and food career opportunities! Through inspiring speakers, interactive culinary experiences and breakout sessions, participants will learn that agriculture careers are much more than farming and that opportunities extend into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), business and more!

We are looking forward to welcoming 500 students and their educators in each host city to celebrate careers in agri-food.

engAGe Montreal

November 19, 2019

engAGe Vancouver

February 11, 2020

engAGe Toronto


Lend a Hand

Support, expertise and personal stories from Canada’s agricultural and food community are critical to these three events. We are looking to involve as many areas of agriculture as possible to share Canada’s full agriculture and food story. engAGe provides an opportunity to cultivate curiosity about the pathways into your specific field of the industry and the jobs that are available.

Find Out More!

If you're interested in volunteering or getting involved in engAGe, please contact us today.

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Ready to engAGe

“Food is a great connector. Whether you’re spending an ordinary day deciding on lunch or planning a big moment of celebration, food is often at the centre of what we’re doing. Being a part of the sector that brings it to our plates is something special.

At FCC we are obsessed with supporting the industry that feeds the world. As we serve the agribusiness and agri-food sector, we encourage the next generation to discover the career options that extend beyond the farmgate to processing and manufacturing. At FCC alone, we have a team of 1800 employees across Canada who love to come to work to be a part of the agriculture and food community.

Students who don’t have a connection to agriculture likely don’t realize how their skills and interests can be of value in the sector we serve in all kinds of interesting ways. There is tremendous opportunity in the science, technology, engineering and math areas which makes them a perfect focus at engAGe. There are thousands of jobs in agriculture that need to be filled in the years ahead and we need students who are able to innovate, problem solve and push the boundaries of what is possible in raising, growing, processing and manufacturing food.

We all have a stake in the future of our food and that’s why we’re excited to see students taking an interest in ag and food sector careers. In the face of globalization and a knowledge-based economy, engAGe is a window into what’s needed and a perfect starting point for students wondering where their career paths will lead.”

Marty Seymour, Director of Industry Relations, FCC

engAGe Pilot Year

During our pilot year, enrollment for the three engAGe events will be limited, however, we are looking ahead and exploring what opportunities may be in store for expansion in 2020. Stay tuned!  


Why are we focusing on STEM?

A 2017 Teen Career Inquiry Survey completed by Kynetec determined that high school students are most interested in careers related to STEM, but less than 50% of students realized that agri-food offers these opportunities. In response, we've set out on a journey to ensure that career events, specifically engAGe, provide exciting, interactive and hands-on activities that showcase agricultural career options connected to STEM.

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For the Media

If you're interested in learning more about engAGe we'd love to speak with you! Please take a few moments to get in touch with us. 

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