Journey 2050

How will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion?

Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability. Using an inquiry based approach the program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale. The students hear from farmers across the globe.


Student Experience

Student Experience image

What is it?

Along your journey you will learn about different countries, careers and innovations that make agriculture one of the leading industries in the world. Unlike any farming game you’ve ever played, Journey 2050 is based on real-life challenges and opportunities. If nothing changes between today and the year 2050, farmers will have to grow 60-70% more food! How do you think farmers and agribusiness can meet this challenge? Watch the videos, play the games, learn about world food sustainability and get involved today!

Who is it for?

Students Grade 7-12

Parent/Teacher Experience

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What is it?

Journey 2050 was developed by teachers, industry experts and professional game developers. It takes 7 hours to complete the program. Curriculum links occur between grades 7-12; however, due to the high context of the program older grades and even post-secondary educators are welcome to participate. Register as a teacher and SIGN IN to learn more about each of our experiences. You will need to be signed in to participate in one of our experiences.

Who is it for?

Teachers of Students Grade 7-12

““My students are having a great time with the Journey 2050 program. They are engaged and having fun. It is great to overhear the side conversations they have about the choices they are making. They celebrate their successes and lament their failures without recognizing that they are learning!””

Melanie Jones, Grade 10 Teacher, Winnipeg, MB,