Farm Credit Canada

Proud Partner since 2015 

FCC is the only lender 100% invested in Canadian agriculture and food, contributing to the strength and future of the agriculture and food industry. They believe in the future of Canadian agriculture and understand that education is key to encouraging young people to consider future careers in the sector, as is investing in the skills they need to be successful.  

The gap between the agriculture industry and students can sometimes feel wide. Together, FCC and Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) are working to close that gap, by educating students on the important role they play in Canada’s agriculture story, while also envisioning themselves pursuing the dynamic career opportunities it has to offer. Through support of several initiatives such as Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) and the thinkAG platform, AITC-C and FCC are proudly bringing agriculture and food careers to the forefronts of students’ minds in classrooms across Canada - and as a result, investing in a stronger future generation.

Interested in a career at FCC?

Amanda Schnell

Amanda Schnell: Supervisor, Special Project

I was raised on a mixed farm (grain and commercial cattle) near Nokomis, SK. I attained my Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from the U of S. While in school, I started with FCC as a summer student and continued in various full-time roles since! Currently I’m working in a leadership role, which I really enjoy. I’m passionate about continuous learning, and I thrive on helping others discover their strengths, develop their careers, and realize their potential. 

A big portion of the work my team is doing is to modernize our top customer lending forms which has a positive impact on our customers and Operations staff. We also help ensure that FCC is managing risk and making good risk decisions, which is good for FCC and for our customers!

The agriculture industry is full of great people. Although it’s a big industry I love connecting with people and finding commonality. Agriculture feels like a community, and it feels like home to me!

My name is Amanda Schnell, and #IAmAgriculture.

Todd LeBlanc

Todd LeBlanc: Ag Lending Analyst

I’ve been with FCC for 11 years, and prior to FCC I worked in various roles ranging from a retail manager to personal lending with a major bank. Although I did not complete my university degree, my 15 years in banking with a lending background and customer service experience was a great fit for FCC. 

Currently I am an Ag Lending Analyst (ALA) with FCC; I have also spent a couple years as a Training Specialist training new Ag Lending Analysts. As an ALA my primary role is to provide financing to farmers over the phone from coast to coast. 

What I love the most at FCC along with its great culture, is being on the frontline. I deal over the phone directly with our producers across Canada. Many times, I get a hearty thank you when approving a loan for a new tractor, combine, livestock etc. Although I am simply doing my job, our customers are salt of the earth hard working individuals who are feeding the world and I am grateful to be part of that.

My name is Todd LeBlanc, and #IAmAgriculture.

Erika Easton

Erika Easton: Relationship Manager

I started with FCC as a summer student in the Customer Service Centre May 2010.  I then joined FCC full time in May 2011 in the CSC as an Ag Lending Analyst, where I worked for 3 years.  I made move back towards home and became a Relationship Manager in our Carlyle Office where I have been for the last 8 years. I took my Business Administration degree at the University of Regina.  

I grew up on a purebred Black Angus cattle farm with my parents, which I’m still active at and help when I’m able. I was very fortunate growing up to be involved in many agriculture organizations like 4-H and Canadian Junior Angus.

One of my favorite parts of the agriculture industry is the people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great people and learn about their involvement in agriculture. Being passionate about agriculture is what led to me to wanting to work for FCC; they match my passion for the industry. My favorite part of my job is helping my customers reach their dreams.

I’m Erika Easton, and #IAmAgriculture.

Brydelle Wardley

Brydelle Wardley: Relationship Management Associate

I’ve been a Relationship Management Associate (RMA) at Farm Credit Canada for just over a year. Growing up, we raised a small Purebred Black Angus herd, and I always had horses. I was a 4-H member for 13 years and am now a 4-H leader for the past 3 years. 

RMA’s support the lenders looking after everything admin related! Including preparing loan documents, answering customer questions, providing suggestions about financing and services, we connect and build relationships with existing & new customers to resolving any issues a customer may have. 

I love helping customers in the Ag industry with financing needs to create a sustainable future and help them achieve their goals for the future generations. Being able to help producer’s passions develop into reality gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. 

I’m Brydelle Wardley, and #IAmAgriculture.

Pawanjot Kaur

Pawanjot Kaur: Customer Service Assistant

Hi, my name is Pawanjot Kaur, and I am 22 years old working as a Customer Service Assistant at FCC. I pursued administration and CIS certification at the University of the Fraser Valley. I grew up in India and by helping my parents with their farm back there. I was always interested to be able to help farmers who provide us with food. Here at FCC, it gives me an opportunity to grow more in the Ag industry and with my career. 

I’m Pawanjot Kaur, and #IAmAgriculture.