Dairy Farmers of Canada

Proud Partner since 2021 

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canadian dairy producers. Thanks to dairy farmers’ continual efficiency and innovation, the Canadian dairy industry's carbon footprint is small and decreasing – and already one of the lowest environmental footprints in the world. Building upon this legacy of environmental stewardship, Canadian dairy farmers are eager to pass their values onto the next generation who will continue to be stewards of the land, helping create a better future for all Canadians.



One of the most powerful ways to achieve this is through education. The creation of the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship (powered by thinkAG) directly connects students with the multitude of important roles and professions that exist within the agriculture and food sector, helping them recognize how their interests and skills can be utilized in this evolving industry. The scholarship encourages career exploration in agriculture by providing students with unique perspectives on how to make an impact in sustainable farming, both locally and nationally.

DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship