Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation

Proud Partner since 2021 

Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation (CCF) strives to support the next generation of leadership, innovation, and sustainability within the Canadian beef industry. Together with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), CCF shares a mutual goal of inspiring young people to become informed and empowered consumers and decision makers, as well as active participants and contributors to the agriculture and food sector. 

Through their impactful Guardians of the Grasslands documentary and the development of an accompanying AITC-C classroom resource, students can learn how ranchers, conservationists and others are working together towards protecting the endangered grasslands. As a result of this collaboration, Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation has made a tremendous impact among students and teachers across Canada, effectively serving a need within and beyond the classroom.  

Guardians of the Grasslands Documentary

Most Canadians are not aware of the important role that cattle play in preserving and maintaining what remains of our country’s grasslands. Sharing this important message of how we can protect this ecosystem is vital in conserving heritage land for future generations.

Guardians of the Grasslands Classroom Resource

Guardians of the Grasslands in the Classroom is targeted at Grades 7 to 11 students and is available for free download on AITC-C’s Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix