Bayer CropScience Canada

Proud Partner since 2015 

Bayer CropScience Canada is proud to invest in Canadian communities in many ways, including support for the agricultural industry, and strives to advocate for agriculture, science, education, and innovation in the projects they invest in. Bayer recognizes that the advancement of Canada’s agricultural sector is largely dependent on its ability to attract and cultivate innovative young minds. For both Bayer and Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), the classroom continues to be an important space to build awareness of the opportunities that exist within all areas of producing food, including STEM. 

As a result of a multi-year partnership, Bayer is proud to partner with AITC-C on the national expansion of The Business of Food (BOF), a comprehensive e-learning platform aimed at bringing knowledge about food and agriculture to education professionals. Through the e-learning platform, teachers gain the knowledge and confidence to present foundational topics in agriculture and food to students, as well as learn about how the sector relates to their daily life and well-being. The BOF program is currently being tailored for a national audience and will develop hand in hand with an online Learning Management System for educators. Bayer’s generous support of BOF and AITC-C helps meet the growing need for educators to be inspired to bring agriculture learning into their classrooms.